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Engineer , consultant , scientist

Shun-Wen Cheng, Formosan scientist, engineer, consultant. Member of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineer (IEEE).


Cheng, Shun-Wen was born in Keelung, Taiwan. Son of Fu-Jyi Cheng and Hsiu-Min Lin.


Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Tamkang University, Taiwan, 1996. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science & Information Engineering, Tamkang University, Taiwan, 1996. Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical Engineering, Tamkang University, Taiwan, 2005.


Software system architect, programmer Shih-Lin District Court, Taipei District Court, Taiwan, 1994—1997. Lecturer Tze-Chiang Foundation Science and Technology National Tsing Hua University, Hsin-chu, Taiwan, since 1999, consultant, since 2007. Assistant professor Far East University, Tainan, Taiwan, Aug 2005—Jan 2018. Lecturer Powerchip Semiconductor Corporation, Hsin-chu, 2006.


  • Achievements include research in risk assessment of TMD/NMD.

    Research in rapid deployment Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.

    Design of very long range anti-air missile systems.

    Research in artificial gravity for space travel.

    Research in emergency escape vehicles and mechanisms for the space shuttle and space station.

    Research in improvement of protection and comfort for long range airline passengers in the post-Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome age.

    Research in configurable Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor H-tree logic module.

    Design of high performance digital IC design.

    One patent for method of mincut and ratio mincut.

    Design of Juvenile Delinquent Pre-hearing Investigation Database, Taipei District Court, Shih-Lin District Court.


Member of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.


  • Other Interests



Married Chun-Ting Tang, January 7, 2006.

Fu-Jyi Cheng

Hsiu-Min Lin

Chun-Ting Tang