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Silvio Horta Edit Profile

screenwriter , television producer

Silvio Horta is an American writer and producer most notable for adapting the hit Colombian telenovela Yo Soy Betty La Fea into the ABC series, Ugly Betty.


Horta, Silvio was born on August 14, 1974 in Miami, Florida, United States.


Graduate, New York University Film School, 1995.


Horta served as head writer and executive producer on the series. He was a popular performer and playwright in high school, attending both International Baccalaureate Theater, and Experimental Theater programs at Coral Gables Senior in Miami. He has written many unproduced screenplays including "Even Exchange" and "The Furies" (with Nip/Tuck creator Ryan Murphy).

Prior to Ugly Betty, Horta wrote the screenplay for the 1998 teen satirical hit slasher film Urban Legend and he can be heard on the DVD commentary. Before Legend, he was working as a perfume spritzer. Horta was also creator of two short lived sci-fi television shows Jake 2.0, which starred Christopher Gorham, who would later join the cast of Ugly Betty, and The Chronicle.

In 2007, he accepted the Golden Globe for Best Comedy Series Ugly Betty, stating, "Like most of us up here, Betty is an immigrant and The American Dream is alive and well and in reach of anybody who wants it". Horta started the production company "Silent H Productions", so named because he found that people in the United States always pronounced the silent H at the start of his last name. Horta is openly gay.

He came out to his family at nineteen.


  • Other Work

    • Writer: (films) Urban Legend, 1998. The Furies, 1999. Writer (characters) Urban Legend: Final Cut, 2000.

      Writer, executive producer: (television series) The Chronicle, 2001. Jake 2. 0: The Tech, 2003.

      Jake 2. 0, 2003. Ugly Betty, since 2006 (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Image award, Writing in a comedy series, 2007, co-recipient Writer's Guild American award, New Series, 2007).