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Simon Ivanovich CHIKOVANI

Georgia poet and translator

Simon CHIKOVANI, Georgia poet and translator. Presidium member, Georgia Union of Writers; board member, USSR Union of Writers, since 1959; Editor, journal “Mnatobi”. Stalin Prize, 1947; Order of Lenin; other orders; medals. Member, Communist Party, since 1941.


CHIKOVANI, Simon was born in 1902 in village Naesakovo, Georgia, United States.


Graduated Tiflis University.


1922 co-founder, literature group of Georgia leftwing futurists. Deputy, USSR Supreme Soviet of 1946 and 1950 convocation. Deputy Chairman, Department, Soviet-Polish Friendship Society.

1959 delegation at USSR Writers Congress and member, Committee Amendments to Statutes of USSR Union of Writers. Translated into Georgian “Slovo о polku Igoreve” (The Lay of the Host of Igor) and many works by Pushkin, Shevchenko, Mayakovsky, etc.


Member, Communist Party, since 1941.


Member, Communist Party, since 1941.