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Simona Micali Edit Profile

Literature educator , researcher

Simona Micali, Italian literature educator, researcher. Certified primary and high school literature teacher Ministry Education, Italy, 2001. Doctor of Philosophy scholar, Università Ca' Foscari di Venezia, 1996-1999, Postdoctoral fellow, University Bologna, 2002-2003, Borsa Marco Polo scholar, 2003, Research fellow, Scuola Superiore di Studi Umanistici - Bologna, 2004-2005, University Siena, since 2005.


Micali, Simona was born on June 28, 1972 in Taranto, Italy. Daughter of Letterio Micali and Serafina Silipigni.


Laurea in Humanities, University Pisa, Italy, 1996. Diploma in Modern Philol and Linguistic Studies, Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa, 1997. Doctor of Philosophy in Italian Studies, University Ca' Foscari, Venice, Italy, 2000.


Visiting professor comparative literature University Bologna, Italy, 2000—2004, stipendiary collaborator in national research project department Italian Italy, 2001. Stipendiary collaborator in national research project department Italian studies University Pisa, 2002. Visiting professor creative non-fiction faculty letters and philosophy University Siena, Arezzo, Italy, 2002—2004, visiting professor Italian literature faculty letters and philosophy Italy, since 2005, research fellow Italian literature department linguistics Italy, since 2005.

Visiting research assistant department comparative literature Princeton University, Princeton, 2003. Visiting professor Italian studies and comparative literature department Italian studies Brown University, Providence, 2004—2005. Member executive committee Synapsis - European School Comparative Studies, Italy, since 2001.

Treasurer Associazione per gli Studi di Teoria e Storia Comparata della Letteratura, Italy, 1997—2004. Editor Italian fiction, teacher creative writing Studio Nabu Literature Agency, Florence, Italy, 1996—2003.


  • Certified primary and high school literature teacher Ministry Education, Italy, 2001.


  • Other Work

    • Author: On Falling in Love, 2001, On Myth in Modernism, 2002, essays. Editor: (collection of essays) Conspiracies, Plots, 2003, (collection of short stories) Millennium Baguette, 1999. Member editorial staff: Journal Contemporary Literature ande Arts, 2003-2006.


Teacher creative writing Associazione La Leccia, Livorno, Italy, 1997—2000. Promoter political petitions Associazione Il Barone Rampante, Pisa, 2004—2006. Member of Modern Language Association, Associazione per gli studi di Teoria e Storia comparata della Letteratura (treasurer 1997—2004).


  • Other Interests

    Reading, travel, gardening, cooking, movies.


Letterio Micali

Serafina Silipigni