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oncologist , researcher

Simone Mocellin, Italian oncologist, researcher.


Mocellin, Simone was born on October 18, 1968 in Padova, Italy. Son of Elvi Mocellin and Antonietta Malpezzi.


Doctor of Medicine, University Padove, 1993. Doctor of Philosophy in Oncology, National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, Maryland, 2001.


Resident general surgey University Padova, 1993—1998, surgical oncologist, since 2002, researcher oncology, since 2006. Science advisor Journal Translational Medicine, Bethesda, since 2004. Science advisor reviews on recent clinical trials, Oak Park, Illinois, since 2004.

Science advisor International Journal Cancer Research, Lasani, Pakistan, since 2005. Reviewer Lancet Oncology, London, since 2005. Science advisor Frontiers Bioscience, New York City, since 2006.


  • Achievements include research in new methods for locoregional treatment of locally advanced solid tumors. Research in identification of patients with melanoma at high risk of disease recurrence. Research in identification of genes involved in melanoma progression.

    Research in identification of genes involved in gastric cancer progression. Research in isolated hepatic perfusion as a new treatment for liver metastases. Research in new molecular markers for the prognosis of solid tumors.

    Research in detection of circulating tumor cells as a novel prognostic marker in oncology. Research in Identification of molecular markers of responsiveness to anticancer vaccination. Research in Identification of immunostimulating activity of interleukin-10.

    Research in description of the role of sentinel lymph node biopsy in patients with melanoma. Research in identification of patients with gastric cancer at high risk of disease recurrence.


Life partner Marta Briarava.

Elvi Mocellin

Antonietta Malpezzi