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Soliman Abdul Aziz AL-SOLAIM

Minister of Commerce since 1975

Soliman Abdul Aziz AL-SOLAIM, Minister of Commerce since 1975.


AL-SOLAIM, Soliman Abdul Aziz was born in 1941.


Bachelor of Commerce=B.Comm., Cairo University. Master of Arts. (International Relations), University of Southern California. Doctor of Philosophy (International Relations), Johns Hopkins University 1970.


Director, Department of Foreign Relations and Conferences, Ministry of Labour. Assistant Director-General of General Organization of Social Insurance. Professor of Political Science, Riyadh University 1972-1974.

Deputy Minister of Commerce and Industry for Trade and Provisions 1974-1975. Chairman of Board, Saudi Arabian Specifications and Standardization Organization, Wheat Silos and Flour Mills Organization. Attended several economic conferences in Saudi Arabia and abroad.

Minister of Commerce since 1975.


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