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Solomon Veniaminovich MILLER


Solomon MILLER, USSR Hygienist. Specialist in pathology of occupational diseases; Doctor of Medicine Science; Head, Chair of General Hygiene, Sverdlovsk Medicine Institute; Head, Hygiene Department, Sverdlovsk Institute of Labor Hygiene and Occupational Pathology, since 1941.


MILLER, Solomon was born in 1898.


1921 graduated Kharkov Medicine Institute.


Chairman, Ural Sanitary and Technology Council. Board member, Sverdlovsk Department, All-Russia Society of Hygienists. Presidium member, Ural Commission for Combatting Silicosis.

Member, Editor Council, journals “Gigiena i sanitariya” (Hygiene and Public Health) and “Gigiena truda i professionalnye zabolevaniya” (Labor Hygiene and Occupational Diseases). Works deal with occupational hygiene, inch: effects of electric arc welding on the human body. Industrial dust; labor hygiene in non-ferrous metallurgy and in mining.

Silicosis; unfavorable meteorological industrial conditions. Occupational pneumoconiosis. Prophylaxis of chronic effects of fluorine compounds on workers, etc.

1921-1924 public health doctor, Artemovo Health Department, Ukrainia, then associate, Ukrainia Institut of Labor, Kharkov. 1924-1941 associate, Central Ukrainia Institute of Labor Hygiene and Occupational Diseases. 1931-1941 Head, Chair of Labor Hygiene, then Chair of General Hygiene, Kharkov Stomatological Institute.

1934-1941 Head, Chair of Labor Hygiene, Kharkov Postgraduate Medicine Institute.