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Stefan Wolpe, German composer. Member American Music Center, National Institute Art and Letters.


Wolpe, Stefan was born on August 25, 1902 in Berlin, Germany. Son of David and Hermine (Strasser) Wolpe.


Student Staatliche Hochschule fur Music, Berlin, 1919-1924. Private student Feruccio Busoni, Anton Webern, Herman Scherchen. Doctor Music (honorary) New England Conservatory.


1 daughter Katharina Petra. Married second, Irma Schoenberg, April 1934. Married 3d, Hilda Morley, December 1948.

Came to the United States, 1938, naturalized, 1944, Professor composition Palestine (Jerusalem) Conservatory, 1934-1938. Theory and composition Settlement Music School, Philadelphia, 1939-1942. Mus. director, professor composition Contemporary Music School, New York City, 1948-1952.

Professor theory and composition Philadelphia Academy Music, 1949-1952, Black Mountain College, 1952-1956, Chatham Square Music School, New York City, 1957-1963. Professor music, head music department C.W. Post College, Long Island University 1957-1968. Distinguished professor 1966-1968, adjunct professor C.W. Post College, from 1968.

Professor.composition Mannes College of Music, from 1968.


  • Other Work

    • Composer: Zeus and Elida, opera, 1929. Strange Stories, theater piece, 1929. March and Variations for two pianos, 1931.

      10 songs from the Hebrew, 1938. Sonata for Oboe and Piano, 1938. Sonata for Violin and Piano, 1949.

      Quartet for Trumpet and Tenor Saxophone, Percussion Piano, 1950. Enactments for Three, Pianos, 1950-1953. Symphony for Orchestra, 1956.

      Piece in Two Parts for Flute and Piano, 1960. Piece for Piano and 16 Instruments, 1960. Piece for 2 Instrumental Units, Piece for Flute, Cello and Piano, 1963.

      Piece in 2 parts for Violin Alone, 1964. Chamber Piece Northern 1 for 14 instruments, 1964-1965. Piece in Two Parts for Six Players, 1961-1962.

      Trio for Flute, Cello and Piano, 1963-1964. Solo Piece for Trumpet, 1966. Second Piece for Violin Alone, 1966.

      Chamber Piece Northern 2, 1968. String Quartet Northern 1, 1969. Concerto for Bass, Clarinet, Violin and Piano, 1968-1969.

      Quartet for Oboe, Violin, Percussion, and Piano, 1956. Quintet with Voice, 1957. Chamber Piece Northern 2 for 14 Instruments, 1968.

      Form for Piano, 1969. Concerto for Trumpet and Chamber Ensemble, 1971.


Member American Music Center, National Institute Art and Letters.


Married Ola Ouniewska, July 1927.; married second, Irma Schoenberg, April.; married 3d, Hilda Morley, December 1948.

David Wolpe

Hermine (Strasser) Wolpe

Ola Ouniewska

Irma Schoenberg

Hilda Morley