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Stepan Dmitrievich Er’zia


Stepan Er’zia, USSR Sculptor.


Er’zia, Stepan was born in 1876.


Studied in an icon painters’ studio in Alatyr’, now in the Chuvash Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, also studied at the Moscow Stroganov Central Artistic-Industrial School, 1901, and at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, 1902-1906, first as a painter, then sculptor under N.Kasatkin, A.Arkhipov, S.Ivanov, K.Korovin and V.Serov.


From 1906, lived and worked in Italy and France. Returned to Russia in 1914. Emigrated after the October Revolution 1917.

Settled in Argentina. Returned to the Soviet Union in 1950. Exhibitions from 1903 until 1954.