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Stepan Georgievich Shaumian


Stepan Shaumian, USSR Revolutionary.


Shaumian, Stepan was born in 1878 in near Vitebsk.


Educated at Vitebsk seminary. Graduated from Petersburg Theological Academy in 1902.


Joined the Social Democratic Party, 1900. Member of the Central Committee of the Bolshevik Party, 1917. Commissar for Caucasian Affairs, 1917.

Chairman of the Soviet in Baku, 1917. One of the organizers of the Bolshevik take-over in the Caucasian region. Head of the local Baku government and Minister of Foreign Affairs, 1918.

Among the 26 Baku commissars shot by SRsand the British. Later glorified as a martyr for the revolutionary cause. Became the subject of several films. Shavelskii, Georgii, Protopresbyter6.1.1871-1810.2.1951.

Russian Orthodox clergyman. Priest, 1895. Last Chief Almoner of the Russian Army and Fleet, 1911. Member of the Holy Synod,1915-1917.

After the October Revolution 1917, emigrated to Bulgaria. Professor of theology in Sofia.