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Stephen Earle Michael Diamond

inventor , consultant , investor , writer

Stephen Earle Michael Diamond, American investor, consultant, writer, inventor. Achievements include patents in field; discovery of the ninety-sixth naturally occuring element, which is electricity, excentrific force; inventor the Diamond electric engine/motor; development of sport grid logic, 24 sport academy curriculum; inventor of 48 letter alphabet actual brain structure.


Diamond, Stephen Earle Michael was born on December 2, 1944 in San Francisco, California, United States. Son of Earl Conrad and Sally (Gonzales) Diamond.


Private study music and drama, 1956-1965;graduate, Fort Sam Houston Army Medical School, 1964;Certified computer science programmer, Elkins College National Career Institute, 1969;Doctor of Philosophy, World Academy Association, 1994;Division of Medical Sciences, London Institute Applied Research, 1994;Doctor of Laws (honorary), London Institute Applied Research, 1995.


Executive director, Gondia Corporation, San Francisco, 1973-1976;executive chairman, Gondia Corporation, San Francisco, 1976-1978;chief Executive officer, G.C.I. C'ies, San Francisco, 1978-1980;chief administrative officer, G.C.I. C'ies, San Francisco, 1980-1985;owner, S.E. Diamond Founds., San Francisco, 1985-1986;owner, S.E. Diamond Association, San Francisco, since 1986;owner, The Dover Road Inn Group, since 1990. Professor neurophysics, life fellow Australian Institute Coordinated Research, 1994.


  • Achievements include patents in field. Discovery of the ninety-sixth naturally occuring element, which is electricity, excentrific force. Inventor the Diamond electric engine/motor.

    Development of sport grid logic, 24 sport academy curriculum. Inventor of 48 letter alphabet actual brain structure.


  • Author: Architecture Engineering, since 1976, Treatise on Cures and Treatments, 70 vols., since 1971, Treatise on D.N.A./R.N.A.: Sixteen Thousand Movements, since 1984. Ontbr articles to professional journals.

    Originator, orator, writer The Actual 2,001,000 Words Vocabulary 1970-1996, Beyond 2,001,000 Words Vocabulary 1970-2005, since 2007. Associate producer National Empowerment television, 1992. Co-producer, principal narrator (television mini-series) The Epic Genealogy, since 1997.

    Songwriter: Here We Are, Deed Dreams, I Fly, From Ashes to Dust. Composer La Bala Du We, Agathadaemon, Duisburg Somer, Rurik. Contributor articles to professional journals.


Leader 5th Congressional district Strategic Defense Initiative, chairman high frontier defense committee 5th-8th Congressional districts west region, since 1989. Active American Institute Cancer Research, since 1981. Charter founder Ronald Reagan Republican Center, Washington, since 1987.

State advisor United States Congressional advisory board, Washington and San Francisco, 1983-1986. Honorary charter member St. Mary's Hospital, San Francisco, since 1988, physician's national advisory board, since 1994. Friend San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, since 1980.

Founding member American Space Frontier Committee, Falls Church, since 1984, Challenger Space Center, since 1987, American Air Museum, Duxbury, England, since 1994, Smithsonian Air and Space National Museum, since 2004. Sponsor, producer Concerned Women for American, since 1984. World planning council World War II Victory 50th Anniversary Events, since 1992.

Charter member Citizens Against Government Waste, since 1991. Charter member Republican National Commission on American Agenda. Founding charter member Normandy D-Day Museum, Caen, France, since 1990.

Charter founding member United States Navy Memorial United States of America District of Columbia, 1989, World War II Monument Memorial, 2003, National Committee to Preserve Social Security. National governor board United States Olympic Committee Shooting Team, 1994. Team leader Grand Old Party, since 2004.

Member National Small Business Association, National Taxpayers Union, Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island Foundation (charter), Presidential Task Force (charter), Clan Morrison Society (life active), North Shore Animal League, International Affairs Institute Paris, International Cult. Corresponding Institute India (Madras), Academie Francaise, Maison International, Des Intellect-Ueles, M.I.D.I. (Augsburg, Germany), Aligarh Muslim University (Munich).


Earl Conrad Diamond

Sally (Gonzales) Diamond