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Steve PEJOVICH, economist in the field of Economic Systems; Industrial Organisation and Public Policy; Social Choice. Ford Foundation Fellow, 1962; Visiting Scholar, Hoover Institute, Institution, Stanford, 1973; Adjunct Scholar, Heritage Foundation, 1980; Advisory Committee, USIA, since 1981; Earhard Fellow, 1982.


PEJOVICH, Steve was born in 1931 in Belgrade, Yugoslavia.


Bachelor of Laws University Belgrade, 1955. Doctor of Philosophy Georgetown University, Washington, 1963.


Assistant Professor, St Mary’s College, Texas, 1962-1966. Association Professor, University Dallas, 7. Association Professor, Texas A&M University, 1967-1970.

Professor, Ohio University, 5. Dean, School Business, Acting President, University Dallas, 1975-1980, 1980-1981. Professor of Economics, Director, Center Research and Education in Free Enterprise, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas, United States of America, since 1981.

Editorial Board, Modern Age, since 1970, Review of Social Economy since 1970.


  • Ford Foundation Fellow, 1962. Visiting Scholar, Hoover Institute, Institution, Stanford, 1973. Adjunct Scholar, Heritage Foundation, 1980.

    Advisory Committee, USIA, since 1981. Earhard Fellow, 1982.


Research and teaching interests are in the areas of comparative economic systems, economic analysis of law and theory of institutions. In recent years, publications have been primarily in the direction of incorporating the incentive effects of various property rights with standard price theory.