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educator , founder of Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship

Steve J. Mariotti, American Entrepreneur, financial educator. Recipient Leavey award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Free Enterprise Education, 1985, Best Business Teacher of Year. National Federation Indiana Business, 1988, Entrepreneur of Year award New York State in Supporter of Enterpreneurship Inc. magazine, 1992, Appel award Price Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies, 1994.


Mariotti, Steve J. was born on August 14, 1953 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States. Son of John and Nancy Gilbert (Mason) Mariotti.


Bachelor of Business Administration, University Michigan, 1975. Master of Business Administration, University Michigan, 1977. Doctor of Philosophy in Business and Entrepreneurship (honorary), Johnson & Wales University, 1990.


He previously worked in the private corporate sector before moving into youth education. After earning his bachelors in business economics and an M.B.A from the University of Michigan he moved to New York. He is known for his work in at-risk youth education through programs he has designed.

He initially founded The South Bronx Entrepreneurial Education Program with limited success in 1987. Later that year he founded Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, a nonprofit organization which gives at-risk youth from low-income backgrounds opportunities to receive entrepreneurial education while attending high school. Mariotti has also authored numerous books for young people on entrepreneurship and he blogs with The Huffington Post.

Mariotti is a 2012 inductee into the Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame. In 2013, he traveled to Southeast Asia as a guest of the US State Department on a mission to spread entrepreneurial education to youth from emerging economies in the region. His other accolades include: Featured subject of many national media profiles on programs including ABC Evening News and 20/20 Authored and co-authored 34 books and workbooks on entrepreneurship, over 10 million of which have been sold and many more distributed for free around the world The Young Entrepreneur’s Guide to Starting and Running a Small Business is a standard used from China to the Middle East Regular attendee and speaker at The World Economic Forum.


  • He is the recipient of numerous awards, including an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award, the Bernard A. Goldhirsh Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award, the New York Enterprise Report's 2012 Founders Award for Social Entrepreneurship, the National Director’s Entrepreneurship Award from the Minority Business Development Agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce, the Association of Education Publishers’ Golden Lamp Award, the ACE/Currie Foundation Humanitarian Venture Award, the USASBE Entrepreneurship Educator of the Year, the CEO Club’s Social Entrepreneur of the Year, and America’s Top High School Business Teacher.



John Mariotti

Nancy Gilbert (Mason) Mariotti