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Stuart Croasdale

mining engineer

Stuart Croasdale, American mining engineer.


Croasdale, Stuart was born on November 21, 1866 in Delaware Water Gap, Pennsylvania, United States. Son of Evan Thomas and Ellen (Andre) Croasdale.


Of early Quaker ancestry in America. Bachelor of Science in chemistry. Lafayette College, Easton, Pennsylvania, 1888, Master of Science, Doctor of Philosophy., 1891.


Evan Thomas. Was chief chemist, Holden Lixiviation Works, Aspen, Colorado, 1891-1893. Gillette (Colorado) Reduction Works. 1894-1895. Globe Smelting & Refining Company, Denver, 1896-1900.

Consultant practice. since 1900. Construction engineering Anaconda Copper Company, Montana, 1903. Burro Mount Copper Company, 1903-1907, Calumet & Arizona Copper Company, 1912-1913, and many other companies, including Utah Copper Company, Nipissing Mines Company, etc.

President Alma Gold Corporation, Denver, Colorado Pioneer in smelter smoke investigation, and commercial leaching of copper ores: inventor, volatilization process for treatment of ores, improved process for concentration of ores, hydometallurgical process for teatment of mercury ores. etc.


Married Elma G. Shaw, 1891. Children: Dorothy, Ernest Shaw.

Evan Thomas Croasdale

Ellen (Andre) Croasdale

Elma G. Shaw

Dorothy Croasdale

Ernest Shaw Croasdale