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educator , Immunologist

Swapna Chaudhuri, Indian immunologist, educator. Recipient Best Merit medal and Certified for best science work, National Academy Medical Sciences, 1982; National Merit scholar, 1976, National Tata scholar, Tata Endowment, 1988.


Chaudhuri, Swapna was born on December 28, 1954 in Calcutta, W. Bengal, India.


Bachelor of Science in Physiology with honors, University Calcutta, 1974. Master of Science in Physiology, University Calcutta, 1976. Doctor of Philosophy in Physiology, University Calcutta, 1982.


Junior research fellow Indian Council Medical Research Institute Post Graduate Medical Education and Research, Calcutta, 1979, senior research fellow Indian Council Medical Research, 1983, lecturer. Research associate University College Medicine, 1984, pool scientist, investigator, senior research associate, research scientist, lecturer physiology, Institute Postgraduate Medical Education and Research, 2001. Member advisory committee W. Bengal University Animal and Fishery Sciences, since 2003.

Member screening committee for fellowships abroad Paul Foundation, Calcutta, since 2003. Examiner University Calcutta, since 2002, Vidyasagar University, Midnapore, W. Bengal, since 2002. Course supervisor Australian Psychological Society University, Rewa, Madhya Pradesh, India, since 2002, Ramaiah Degree College, Bangalore, Karnataka, India, since 2002, Garden City College, Bangalore, since 2002, Indian Academy Degree College, Bangalore, since 2002.

Speaker in field; visiting scientist Royal Institute Cancer Research, United Kingdom, 1986. Supervisor Doctor of Philosophy and Doctor of Medicine Calcutta University. Head cellular and molecular immunology Laboratory Institute Procter and Gamble Medical Education and Research, Calcutta.


  • Achievements include research in SRBC as an immuno-potentiating and anticancer agent. Research in signal transduction of protein tyrosino kinsese of microglial cell and lymphocytes in brain tumor therapy. Research in molecular characterization of glycoprotein TIITS derived from SRBC.

    Research in Molecular cascade of apoptotic studies of brain tumor, microglial and lymphocytes with TIITS. Research in genetic and cell cyle studies. Research in angiogenetic studies with TIITS in brain tumor.

    Research in immunotoxicological assay of TIITS. Patents for isolation and characterization of TIITS. Research in immunotherapy of cancer with the novel immunotherapeutic agent TIITS/S-Legal Professional Association-3.


  • Other Work

    • Contributing author Indian Clinical Neurosurgery, 2002. Contributor articles to professional journals. Reviewer in field.


Member of British Society Immunology, International Union Against Cancer, Immunology Study Group W. Bengal (joint secretary), Indian Academy Neurosciences (life), Physiological Society India (life), Indian Immunology Society (life).


  • Other Interests

    Reading, music, travel, drama.


Parents Anadi Bhusan and Renuka Basu. Married Samares Chaudhuri, February 23, 1981. 1 child Suhnrita.

Samares Chaudhuri

Suhnrita Chaudhuri