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Taher Abdul Rahman ZAMAKHSHARY

leading poet and prose writer

Taher Abdul Rahman ZAMAKHSHARY, leading poet and prose writer. Republic Medal of Honour (3rd category), Republic Medal of Honour for Culture (2nd category) awarded by Government of Tunisia.


ZAMAKHSHARY, Taher Abdul Rahman was born in 1914 in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.


Received general education in A1 Falah School.


Clerk, Statistical Department. Various positions in the Government Press. Secretary, Secretariat of The Holy Capital.

Teacher, Orphan House. Returned to Government Press. Secretary, Customs Secretariat.

Riyadh Municipality; Radio and TV service. Member of A1 Tawfir Company. Attended several literary symposia in Lebanon, Syria, Egypt and Tunisia.

Leading poet and prose writer.


  • 14 collections of poetry: Ahlamu'l Rabie (Spring Dreams, first collection of poetry published in contemporary Saudi literature), Hamasat (Whispers), and others. 8 collections (under publication). Several prose writings.

    Some novels and short stories.


God destined for each soul a time on earth. Then, after completion their appointed terms, He would judge them and send them either to the endless bliss, or to everlasting grief.