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researcher , Mechanical engineer

Takuya Sato, Japanese mechanical engineer, researcher. Recipient Award for Contribution Japan Welding Engineering Society, 1987, High Pressure Institute Japan, 2001.


Sato, Takuya was born on April 23, 1946 in Morioka, Japan. Son of Hanzo and Kimi Sato.


Bachelor of Science, Tohoku University, Sendai, 1969. Doctor of Science, Tokyo Institute of Technology, 1992.


Engineer JGC Corporation, Yokohama, 1969—1985. Researcher Tokyo (Japan) University, 1975—1977, 1989—1992. Team manager JGC Corporation, Yokohama, 1985—1990, deputy manager, 1990—1995, department manager, 1995—2002, chief engineer, since 2002.

Lecturer Basic Theory of Structural Design of Elevated Temperature Pressure Facility and Equipment, Seminar on Reliability and Safety of Elevated Temperature Pressure Facility, Tokyo, 1993, Design of Pressure Vessels and Advanced Design System of Pressure Vessels, China-Jpan Meeting of Pressure Vessels, Beijing, 1994, Globalization of Supply of Pressure Systems and their Components in Japan, International Conference on Pressure Vessel Technology, Paris, Structural Design of Nuclear Equipment, Seminar on Material, Design, Manufacturing and Inspection of Nuclear Equipments, JWES, Tokyo, Stress Analysis and Stress Evaluation in Pressure Vessel Design, Seminar on Safety Technology of Process Plants, Jakarta, 1995-1996, Safety Factor in Equipment Design of Chemical Plants, 28th Symposium on Safety Engineering, Tokyo (panelist), 1998. Served on several committees and subcommittees for Japan Welding Enginrg. Society, 1978-1998.


  • Other Work

    • Editor: (book) Design and Analysis of Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers and Piping Components, 2004. Author of more than 60 technical papers on inelastic structural analysis and structural analysis system.


Member American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Japan Society Mechanical Engineers, High Pressure Institute Japan (vice-chairman committee on planning, 1997-1999, board directors, 1997-2000), Japan Pressure Vessel Research Council (vice-chairman, PVRC/JPVRC joint meeting & symposium, 1996-1997, board ris., 1994-1998), Japanese Indrl. Standard (vice-chairman subcommittee on Material Standard for Pressure Vessel, committee on Pressure Vessel codes and standards, since 1997, chairman committee pressure vessel codes and standards, since 2006), Japan Petroleum Institute (group leader, subcommittee on revision work, since 2003).


  • Other Interests

    Rock climbing, ice climbing, skiing, classical music, mountain climbing, water painting.


Married Ryoko Sato, June 28, 1970. Children: Takehiro, Yukiko.

Hanzo Sato

Kimi Sato

Ryoko Sato

Takehiro Sato

Yukiko Sato