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Tao-fan Chang Edit Profile

politician , vice-Minister

Chang Tao-fan was a Chinese vice-Minister of Communications and also held some other official positions.


Mr. Chang was born in Guizhou, China, on July 11, 1897.


Chang Tao-fan graduated from the Department of Fine Arts (Slade School), University College, University of London.


While in England, he served as head of the Assembly of the London Branch of the Kuomintang in 1923. After return to China in 1926, Mr. Chang was appointed secretary of the Department of Agriculture and Labor, Guangdong Provincial Government. In the same year, Chang Tao-fan was commissioned by the Central Kuomintang Headquarters to Guizhou to direct party affairs. He was appointed secretary in the Organization Department of the Central Kuomintang Headquarters in 1928 and in September of the same year, became chief secretary of the Municipal Government of Nanjing. In 1929 Mr. Chang was elected by Nanjing District Party Headquarters as representative to 3rd National Party Congress of Kuomintang in Nanjing, at which he was elected by the Congress as a reserve member of the Central Executive Committee of the Kuomintang.

In December 1929, Chang Tao-fan was appointed member of the committee for the re-organization of the party affairs of Jiangsu and member of the standing committee of the Jiangsu Provincial Party Headquarters and concurrently director of publicity department. He acted as a dean of the Tsingtao National University in 1930. In 1931 he became a member of Zhejiang Provincial Government and concurrently Commissioner of Education. Shortly after, Chang Tao-fan was transferred to Nanjing as vice-director of the Organization Department of the Central Party Headquarters and during the period when the National Government was removed to Luoyang. During the Sino-Japanese Hostilities in Shanghai, served as special resident officer of the Headquarters in Nanjing. Mr. Chang was a reserve member of the Central Executive Committee, member of the reorganization department of the Central Party Headquarters and since December, 1932, vice-Minister of Communications.


  • Mr. Chang was an author of several works on fine arts and paintings and author of several plays.