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educator , consultant , Biochemical engineer

Tapobrata Panda, Indian biochemical engineer, educator, consultant. Directorate of Public instruction scholar, 1970-1973; Austrian Government fellow, 1984-1985, Indo-United States Science and Technology fellow, 1994. Member Technology Association Pulp and Paper Industry (highest individual member 1989-1993), AIBA, New Delhi (award 1997).


Panda, Tapobrata was born on August 18, 1954 in Contai, India. Son of Bankimchandra and Sikharbasini Panda.


Bachelor in Chemistry, University Calcutta, India, 1973. Bachelor in Technology, Jadavpur University, Calcutta, 1977. Master in Technology, Jadavpur University, 1980.

Doctor of Philosophy, Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, 1987.


Assistant professor, Indian Institute Technology, Madras, 1987-1993; associate professor, Indian Institute Technology, Madras, 1993-1995; professor, Indian Institute Technology, Madras, since 1995. Graduate engineer trainee Modern Bakeries, Calcutta, 1978-1979. Research fellow Technology U., Vienna, 1984-1985.

Teaching associate Indian Institute Technology, Kharagpur, 1986-1987. Visiting faculty Asian Institute Technology, Bangkok, 1988, 89, 92. Visiting scientist, Iowa State University, Ames, 1994.


  • Achievements include development of unique method of intergeneric hybridization, carrier free immobilization for penicillin amidase production by whole cells, unique technique for recycling of fermentation broth for reduced use of water, process development of industrially important enzymes, recovery of metals from waste by effective sorption on mycelia, process optimization using statistical techniques, site directed mutagenesis for better protein design.


  • Other Work

    • Contributor articles to Federation European Microbiological Society, Microbial Letters, Biotechnology Letters, Biotechnology Bioengring., Process Biochemistry, Canada Journal Microbiology, Bioprocess Engineering, Applied Environmental Microbiology, Enzyme Microbial Technology, Biotechnology Techniques, Journal Pharmaceutical Advances, Protein Engineering, Journal Industrial Microbiology, Journal Energy, Heat and Mass Transfer, Energy Fuel Users' Journal, Bioresource Technology, Journal Microbiology Biotechnology. Chair science sessions in field.


Member Technology Association Pulp and Paper Industry (highest individual member 1989-1993), AIBA, New Delhi (award 1997).


Married Meeta Chakraborty, January 22, 1987. Children: Smriti, Shradha.

Bankimchandra Panda

Sikharbasini Panda

Meeta Chakraborty

Smriti Panda

Shradha Panda