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Tashmukhamed Niyazovich KARY-NIYAZOV

Mathematician and science historian

Tashmukhamed KARY-NIYAZOV, USSR Mathematician and science historian. Full member since 1943 and Presidium member since 1946, Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences; Professor, Tashkent Institute of Irrigation Engineering and the Mecb. of Agriculture, since 1946; Honoured Worker of Science of Uzbekistan Soviet Socialist Republic since 1939; member, Communist Party, e. 1931. Stalin Prize, 1952.


KARY-NIYAZOV, Tashmukhamed was born in 1896.


1929 graduated Central Asian University, Tashkent.


1917 founded first Uzbek, elementary school. Helped organize Kokand Pedagogical Technicum. Deputy, USSR Supreme Soviet of 1937 and 1946 convocation.

1960 member, USSR Academy of Science delegation at 47th session of Indian Science Congress. Works deal mainly with hist, of Uzbek, science and culture. Has made a study of the Uglubek manuscripts and those of 15th, 16th and 17th c.

1920-1925 Director, Uzbekistan Pedagogical Technicum, Kokand. 1929-1931 instructor, later Professor, and 1931-1933 Rector, Central Asian University, iw. ' ”t; 1937-1940 Chairman, Science Committee, Uzbekistan Council of Popular Commissar.

1939-1943 Deputy Chairman, Uzbekistan Council of Popular Commissar for Science, Culture and Arts. 1940-1943 Presidium Chairman, Uzbekistan Branch, USSR Academy of Science. 1943-1946 President, Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences.