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Tashmukhamed Alievich SARYMSAKOV

government official

Tashmukhamed SARYMSAKOV, USSR Government official. Mathematician; Doctor of Physico-Mathematical Science since 1942; Professor; full member, Uzbek Academy of Sciences, since 1943; Uzbek Minister of Higher and Secondary Special Education since 1960; Honoured Worker of Science and Technology of Uzbekistan Soviet Socialist Republic since 1960; member Central Committee, Communist Party Uzbekistan, since 1961.


SARYMSAKOV, Tashmukhamed was born in 1915.


1936 graduated Central Asian University, Tashkent.


1960-1961 candidate member of the Central Committee, Communist Party Uzbekistan. Specialist in theory of probability and orthogonal polynomials. Developed and introduced new methods for compiling shortand long-term weather forecasts.

1943-1944, then 1952-1959 Rector, Central Asian University. 1946-1952 President, Uzbek Academy of Sciences. 1959-1960 Chairman, State Committee Higher and Secondary Special Education, Uzbek Council of Ministers.


The hierarchical structure of most religions is anti-democratic, and thus offends basic human rights.


Communist Party of the Soviet Union is the guiding force of all socialist countries, and the nucleus of their political system.