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Tat'iana Alekseevna Iakovleva

Society lady

Tat'iana Iakovleva, USSR Society lady.


Iakovleva, Tat'iana was born in 1906.


Introduced to Mayakovsky on 25 October 1925 in Paris, either by E. Triolet or I. Erenburg. Acquired the reputation of a femme fatale. According to her letters to her mother, she saw Mayakovsky every day, and became very close to him.

By all accounts it was a relationship of mutual interest, and a serious matter on Mayakovsky’s part. In November 1928, he dedicated two poems to her - Pis'mo tovarishchu Kostrovu iz Parizha о Sushchnosti Liubvi, and Pis'mo Tatiane Iakovlevoi. However, when he proposed to her, she declined the offer, and never saw him again.

According to some sources, her marriage to Viscount du Plessix was one of several possible reasons for Mayakovsky’s suicide. Moved to the USA. Married a director of Vogue magazine.