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Tet Cho Soong Edit Profile


also known as Sung Chi-fang


Mr. Soong was a Chinese Christian preacher.


Soong Tet-cho was born in 1890 at Ng Fah. Kwangtung, China (Guangdong, China).


He attended Lok Yuk School of the Basel Mission. Then he entered Li Long Divinity College, in Po On. Kwangtung, China graduating in 1918.


Tet Cho Soong was a teacher of Khen Tsin Girls' School and preached at the Basel Mission, Long Kow in 1918-1921. Then he came to Kudat. B.N.B. as preacher and teacher of the S.P.G. Mission. After that he transferred to Sandakan in 1926, deaconed in 1931 and ordained priest in 1932.