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Theodore Doney Mccown


Theodore Doney Mccown, American educator. Served with United States Army, 1942-1945.; Fellow American Anthropological Association, Royal Anthropological Institute Great Britain and Ireland.


Mccown, Theodore Doney was born on June 18, 1908 in Macomb, Illinois, United States. Son of Chester Charlton and Harriet M. (Doney) Mccown.


Bachelor of Arts, Univercity California, 1929, Doctor of Philosophy., 1939. Research fellow American School Prehistoric Research, 1932, 35-37.


Taussig traveling fellow, 1933-1934, Amy Bowles Johnson traveling fellow, 1934-1935. Archeological assistant joint expedition American School Prehistoric Research-British School Archeology, Jerusalem, Mount Carmel, Palestine, 1930-1931, field director, 1932, supervisor project Institute Andean Research, North Peru, 1941-1942. Instructor anthropology University of California at Berkeley, 1938-1941, assistant professor anthropology, assistant curator physical anthropology, 1941-1946, associate professor, 1946-1951, professor since 1951, associate curator, 1946-1948, curator physical anthropology R. H. Lowie Museum of Anthropology, 1957-1969, chairman of department of anthropology, 1950-1955, associate dean College of Letters and Science, 1956-1961, also chairman S.Asian studies, director University of California at Berkeley and Deccan College Joint Expedition to India, 1957, 64.


  • Author: The Stone Age of Mount Carmel, Vol. II (with Sir Arthur Keith), 1939. Pre-Incaic Huamachuco, 1945.

    The Genus Palaeoanthropus and The Problem of Superspecific Differentiation among the Hominidae, 1950. Antiquity of Man in South America, 1963, (with K.A.R. Kennedy) Climbing Man’s Family Tree, 1972.


Served with United States Army, 1942-1945. Fellow American Anthropological Association, Royal Anthropological Institute Great Britain and Ireland.


Married Elizabeth A. Richards, August 31, 1946. Children: Ann Elizabeth, Jean Keith, Faith Carol.

Chester Charlton Mccown

Harriet M. (Doney) Mccown

Elizabeth A. Richards

Ann Elizabeth Mccown

Jean Keith Mccown

Faith Carol Mccown