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Thomas S. BRATTON Edit Profile

United States Army , Colonel Medical corpus

Thomas S. BRATTON, Colonel Medical corpus, United States army.


BRATTON, Thomas S. was born on August 10, 1868 in York, S.O. Son of James Rufus and Mary Rebecca (Massey) Bratton.


S.O.U.; South Carolina Medical College. Army Medical School; Fort Leavenworth Field Service School for Medical Officers.


C. Medical corpus, United States army, First Lieutenant, 1893. Served during Spanish-American War, Philippine Insurrection, China Relief Expedition (Boxer Rebellion), Expedition into Mexico, 1916, under General Pershing. Commanding Officer, during World War, General Hospital Northern 6.

Commanding Officer, Arms'- and Navy General Hospital, Hot Springs, Arkansas, 1920-1925. Department Surgeon, Hawaiian Department, 1925-1929. Corps Area Surgeon, Fourth Corps Area, Fort McPherson, Georgia, 1930.


Spouse Sudie Wheeler Metts, November 4, 1891, York, S.