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Thomas Tomohiko SEKINE


Thomas Tomohiko SEKINE, economist in the field of Economic Theory; Economic Methodology; Economic Systems. Canada Council Non-Resident Fellow, 1958-1960.


SEKINE, Thomas Tomohiko was born in 1933 in Tokyo, Japan.


Bachelor of Arts (Social Science) Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo, 1957. Master of Arts McGill University, Montreal, 1964. Doctor of Philosophy University London,1967.


State, United Nations Statistics Office, New York, 1960-1962. Lector, Sir George Williams College, 1963-1964. Research Association, University Birmingham, 1965-1966.

Assistant Professor, Simon Fraser University, 1966-1968. Visiting Research Association, Northwestern University. Assistant professor, Association Professor, York University, Canada, 1968-1972, 83.

Visiting Professor, International Christian University, Tokyo, 1982^1. Professor Economics and Social and Political Thought, York University, Downsview, Ontario, Canada, since 1984.


  • Canada Council Non-Resident Fellow, 1958-1960.


After abandoning my earlier interest in the neoclassical theory of money and its application to international economics, I concentrated on a reformulation of Marx’s economic theory (as propounded in Capital) according to the method of the late Professor Kozo Uno. The reformulation (see my Dialectic of Capital) involves, in addition to some expository modernisation, a reassertion of the structural correspondence between the economic theory of capitalism and Hegelian dialectical logic. More recently I have taken increasing interest in ‘political economy’ in the broader sense in which I include designs of a new society (presumably socialist) free from the alienation of labour and environmental crises.

I believe this to be the right direction in which to seek a paradigmic change in economic science.