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Tieh Lin Edit Profile

also known as Kalfred Dip Lum

government official , university professor

Tieh Lin was a Chinese Government official and university professor.


Mr. Lin was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, United States on December 26, 1899. He was native of Chung-shan, Kwangtung.


Tieh Lin was a graduate of Kaliwaena School of Jackson Institute, Iolani College in Honolulu. He recieved Bachelor of Arts degree from University of Hawaii in 1922 and Master of Arts from Columbia University in 1923. Then he attended New York University Law School in 1923-1926 and graduated from it with Doctor of Philosophy degree in government and public law.


Tieh Lin was a founder and first principal of Min Hon Chinese School in Honolulu in 1917-1922, commissioner of Chinese language schools, Department of Public Instruction in Honolulu in 1922, counsellor and solicitor, Corn Exchange Bank in Chatham Square, New York City, N.Y. in 1925-1926, instructor and professor of political science, University of Hawaii in 1926-1932.

Mr. Lin worked as an executive secretary of Kuomintang, Hawaii's branch, Honolulu in 1929-1932, president of United Chinese News, Ltd. in Honolulu in 1930-1932, Hawaii's Overseas Chinese delegate to National People's Congress in Nanking, China in 1931, Hawaii's Kuomintang delegate to Fourth Kuomintang Congress in 1931, visiting professor of political science, Hangchow Christian College in 1931-1933, special envoy to inspect Kuomintang and overseas affairs in Hawaii, United States, Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Central and South American countries in 1933, visiting professor of government and international relations, New York University in 1933-1934, Hawaii's delegate to Fifth Kuomintang Congress in 1934-1936, commissioner of overseas affairs, National Government, Republic of China since September 1931, professor and head of the department of public administration, Chiaotung University since September, 1984.

Tieh Lin was a member of Phi Kappa Phi honorary fraternity and various other academic societies and author of "The Evolution of Government in Hawaii", "Outlines of Law", "Methods of Research and Thesis Writing".