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Tilo Schabert

journalist , Political studies educator


Assistant professor political theory and philosophy University Munich, 1969-1970, 72-76. Research fellow Hoover Institution Stanford University, 1970-1972, lecturer political science. Fellow Institute Political Studies University Bochum, Germany, 1976-1978, Senior Heisenberg Research fellow German Research Council Germany, 1978-1985.

Professor politics Friedrich-Alexander University, Erlangen and Nuremberg, Germany, since 1986. Film director Bavarian television, Munich, 1983-1984. Director Eranos Conferences, Ascona, Switzerland, since 1990.

President Association Eranos, Ascona, 1996-2000. Member steering committee The Mishkenot Encounters in Religion and Culture, Mishkenot Sha'anakim, Jerusalem. Secretary general International Council Philosophy and Humanistic Studies, United Nations Educational, Paris, 1994-1996.

President International Science Committee, International Journal Humanistic Studies. Staff member Ministry National Education, Paris, 1964-1965. Lecturer Munich Academy Film and television, 1975-1976, School Political Studies, Munich, 1981-1982.

Planning associate Boston Redevelopment Authority, 1981. Thyssen research professor Science and Politics Foundation, Munich-Berlin, 2000. Lecturer in field.



President student parliament University Munich, 1965-1966.