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Tore Ellingsen is a Norwegian economist active in Sweden.


Ellingsen graduated from Norwegian School of Economics in Bergen in 1985, and received a Ph.D. from London School of Economics in 1991 (Thesis title: The Use of Buyer Power in Monopoly and Oligopoly Markets).


Since 1991 he is active at the Stockholm School of Economics, from 1996 as docent (associate professor) and from 2000 as professor of economics. Ellingsen was the first recipient of the Assar Lindbeck Medal.

Major courses taught

Contract Theory (graduate), Industrial Organization (graduate), Economics of Organization (advanced undergraduate), Game Theory (undergraduate), Microeconomics (graduate and undergraduate).

Ellingsen was elected a foreign member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in 2004. Since 2007 he is a member of the Prize Committee for the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel, where he was an adjunct member 2005-2007.

He holds the Söderberg Family Chair in Economics (Stockholm School of Economics) since 2009.


  • Honours

    Fellow of CEPR (the Centre for Economic Policy Research), 2004

    Member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Science, 2004

    Fellow of European Economic Association, 2005

    The Ragnar Söderberg Professorship, 2004-2008

    Tore Ellingsen also participated in other activities:

    Deputy member of the Board of Stockholm School of Economics, 1997-2001.

    Board member of Center for Business and Policy Studies (SNS) 2005-present time.

    Member of the Economic Council of Sweden (Ekonomiska Rådet), 2001-2005.

    Member of SNS Scientific Council, 2001-2005.

    Member of SEB's Social and Economic Council, 2005-present time.

    Government expert Swedish Department of Finance (SOU 1996:187, SOU 1997:96).

    Consulting (mainly Competition Policy).


  • publication

    • “The Aversion to Lying,” (co-authors Magnus Johannesson and Tobias Lundquist), Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 70, 81-92, 2009.

    • "Trust and Truth,” (co-authors Magnus Johannesson, Jannie Lilja, and Henrik Zetterqvist). Economic Journal 119, 252-276, 2009

    • “A Randomized Trial of the Effect of Estrogen and Testosterone on Economic Behavior,” (co-authors M. Johannesson, N. Zethraeus, L. Kocoska-Maras, A. Lindén-Hirschberg, B. von Schoultz), PNAS 106, 6535-6538, 2009

    • "Time is Not Money,” (co-author Magnus Johannesson). Journal of Econonomic Behavior and Organization 72, 96-102, 2009

    • “Positive Interactions Promote Public Cooperation,” (co-authors Anna Dreber, David Rand, Drew Fudenberg and Martin Nowak), Science 325, 1272-1275, 2009

    • “Testing Guilt Aversion,” (co-authors Magnus Johannesson, Gaute Torsvik and Sigve Tjøtta). Games and Economic Behavior 68, 95-107, 2010

    • “When Does Communication Improve Coordination?” (co-author Robert Östling). American Economic Review 100, 1695-1724, 2010

    • “Anchoring and Cognitive Ability” (co-authors Oscar Bergman, Magnus Johannesson and Cicek Svensson). Economics Letters, Economics Letters 107, 66-68, 2010

    • Strategic Risk and Coordination Failure in Blame Games, (co-author Robert Östling). Economics Letters 110, 90-92, 2011

    • Conspicuous Generosity, (co-author Magnus Johannesson). Journal of Public Economics, forthcoming

    • What You Sell is What You Lend? Explaining Trade Credit Contracts (co-authors Mike Burkart and Mariassunta Giannetti). Review of Financial Studies 24(4), 1261-1298, 2011

    • “Financial Contracting under Imperfect Enforcement,” (co-author Eirik Gaard Kristiansen). Quarterly Journal of Economics 126, 323-371, 2011


  • Fellow: European Economic Association; Royal Swedish Academy Scis.




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