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Tran Duc Luong Edit Profile

President of Vietnam

Tran Duc Luong, former President of Vietnam.


Luong, Tran Duc was born on May 5, 1937 in Pho Khanh, Quang Ngai, Vietnam.


Student, Mining and Geology College. Student, Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics Academy Economics, 1981.


Geology technician, League of Geological Groups, 1954-1959;leader geological group 4, League of Geological Groups, 1959-1964;deputy leader, League of Geological Groups, 1964-1966;deputy director, Geological Map Department, 1970-1977;deputy, director, director, League of Geological Map Groups, 1977-1979;general director, General Department Geology, since 1979;member, National Assembly, Vietnam, since 1981;deputy prime minister, National Assembly, Vietnam, 1992-1997;president, National Assembly, Vietnam, since 1997. Deputy chairman, chairman National Assembly Science and Technology Commission. Communist Party cell secretary League of Geology Groups # 20, member executive Party Committee for Vietnam geological sector.

Member party committee, secretary Labour Youth Union for Mining and Geological College, 1966-1969, executive member Party Committee for Geological Map Department, 1970-1976, secretary, 1979, alternate member central committee, 1982-1991, full member, since 1991, member political bureau, since 1996. Vice chairman Council Ministers, 1987, permanent representative to Council for Mutual Economics Assistance for Socialist Countries.