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Tricia Andryszewski was an American editor, writer, and researcher.


Mrs. Andryszewski was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States, on November 17, 1956.


Tricia Andryszewski graduated from Bryn Mawr College with Bachelor of Arts degree (honors in history and teaching certificate) in 1978. She attended New Jersey Institute of Technology, post-baccalaureate program in computer science, 1982-1983.


Mrs. Andryszewski served as a high school teacher of social studies at Girard College, Philadelphia, PA, 1978-1979. She also held the following posts: Human Service and Behavioral Science Consultants, Glenside, PA, administrator and proposal writer, 1979-1980; Warner Books, New York, NY, worked in marketing, 1980-1981; selfemployed part-time in housing rehabilitation, 1981-1988 etc.

Tricia Andryszewski owned and managed a twenty-six-acre farm in New Jersey during 1987-1991. In 1988-1989 she worked as a project editor of Scholarly Resources, Wilmington, DE. Mrs. Andryszewski was an assistant to Leonard Bernstein (composer/conductor), New York, NY, and Fairfield, CT, 1989-1991.

From 1992 till 1993 Mrs. Andryszewski worked as a researcher/manager for Elizabeth Drew (writer), Washington, DC. Later she did some news analyses and brief biographies of people in the news for the ongoing CD-ROM series Newslines, Research Publications International/Primary Source Media since 1994. And starting from 1981 Mrs. Andryszewski was a freelance editor, writer, and researcher, full- and part-time.

During 1994-1996 she copyedited and produced two bimonthly newsletters on drug abuse topics for Pace Publications. Mrs. Andryszewski conducted research for Elizabeth Drew’s book about the first year of President Clinton’s administration, and for Drew’s articles for New Yorker, MacNeil Lehrer News Hour, Meet the Press, Washington Post, New York Times, and other venues in 1992-1993 and has copyedited numerous full-length books for children and adults for Scholarly Resources and Millbrook presses, among others.


  • Tricia Andryszewski was widely known as a talented writer and notable for her works.