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Tsung-hsiang Chang Edit Profile

government official

Chang Tsung-hsiang was a Chinese official who occupied different positions in the 20th century.


Mr. Chang was born in Wushing, Zhejiang, China, in 1897.


He was a senior licentiate under the Manchu regime. In 1903 Mr. Chang graduated from the Meiji University, Japan, with Bachelor of Laws degree.


Chang Tsung-hsiang was a Minister of Justice and concurrently acting Minister of Agriculture and Commerce since 1914. From 1916 to 1919 he served as a Chinese Minister to Japan. On account of his pro-Japan inclinations and his connection with several Japanese' loans which the Anfu Government contracted, he was branded as one of the 'trio of national traitors" (the other two being Tsao Lu-lin and Lu Tsung-yu) by the students in 1919 and was relieved of his Tokyo post in the same year. Since then, he lived in retirement.


  • Mr. Chang was known to occupy major official posts in China.