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Tuulikki Katriina HAMALAINEN (Pia)

Second Minister of Social Affairs and Health

Tuulikki Katriina HÄMÄLÄINEN, Finnish Second Minister of Social Affairs and Health.


HÄMÄLÄINEN, Tuulikki Katriina was born on November 25, 1940 in Helsinki, Finland. Daughter of Jaakko Kustaa Ojala and Alma Anna Liisa Ojala (née Hellberg).


Economist, 1964.


Member, Hyvinkää Town Council, 1976. Chairman, 1985; Chairman, City Administration Board, 1981-1984. Member, Presidential Electorate, 1982.

Member of Eduskunta, 1983. Member, SDP Party Committee, 1984. Vice-Chairman, Administration Council of the State Fuel Centre, 1984.

Member, Finnish Workers Savings Bank Management, 1984. Representative Board of the E-Co-operative Shop EKA, 1984. Second Minister of Social Affairs and Health, since 1990.

Professional career: Secretary, State Computer Centre, 1963-1965. Broadcaster, Yleisradio (Finnish Broadcasting Co), 1965-1983.


[{"type":"father","name":"Jaakko Kustaa Ojala"},{"type":"mother","name":"Alma Anna Liisa Ojala (née Hellberg)"}]

Jaakko Kustaa Ojala

Alma Anna Liisa Ojala (née Hellberg)