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Ugo Betti Edit Profile

jurist , writer

Ugo Betti was an Italian judge, better known as an author, who is considered by many the greatest Italian playwright next to Pirandello.


Ugo Betti was born on February 4, 1892 in Camerino, Italy. He was the son of Tullio Betti.


He studied the classics and earned a law degree from the University at Parma in 1914.


He served as a magistrate, then he appointed a judge in 1923, he was a judge in Rome in 1930-43; contributor to Oggi in 1933, he became a Ministry of Justice and librarian in 1944 at Coordinamento Spettacolo (legal organization for writers). He passed over a military service, he served in the Italian artillery during World War I in captured by the Germans at Caporetto in 1917 and held in prison camp in 1917-18.


  • His best-known play is probably Corruzione al Palazzo di Giustizia (Corruption in the Palace of Justice).

    He has got a lot of awards such of Premio IDI, Italian Institute of Drama in 1949 and recipient of various other awards.


He has Christian religious beliefs.


The majority of Betti’s plays are tragedies and reflect his lifelong interest in moral questions. Such themes as justice versus compassion, redemption through suffering, and hope beyond death figure prominently and often in his works.


  • ““Certainly few writers in the twentieth century have come to grips with great moral issues more directly, force-fully, and imaginative than did Betti.””


Tullio Betti

Emilio Betti