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Ugo PECCHIOLI, Italian Senator. Decorated for Military Valour in the Resistance.


PECCHIOLI, Ugo was born on January 14, 1925 in Turin, Italy.


Partisan, Valle d’Aosta. and Canavese. Head of High Command, 77th Garibaldi Brigade. Member Secretariat, Turin Federation Italian Communist Party, after 1945.

Member National Federation Young Communists, 1949-1955. Secretary Federation Italian Communist Party, Turin. Secretary Regional Committee, Piedmont, Italian Communist Party, until 1969.

Councillor, Turin, 1960-1970. Member Central Committee, 1959-1962. Member Leadership of Italian Communist Party, from 1962.

Head of Problems of State, Italian Communist Party. Elected Deputy, Cuneo-Alessandria-Asti, 1972 and Senator, Turin-Dora-Oltre Stura-Collina, (declined to be Deputy in favour of the Senate). Member Committee on Defence.

Re-elected Senator, since 1976. Member Committee on Defence. Vice President Inter-Parliamentary Committee on the Information and Security Services and for State Secrets.

Head of Communist Group at Western European Union. from 1976. Member Council of Europe. Member National Committee of National Association of Italian Partisans.

Member Central Committee and Leadership of Italian Communist Party. Vice-President Committee on Information and Security and State Secrets. Effective member of Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe.

Former editor of ‘Pattuglia’ (weekly, of Partisans, during the Resistance). Journalist.