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Uzeir Abdul Gussein ogly Gadzhibekov

composer , conductor

Uzeir Abdul Gussein ogly Gadzhibekov, USSR Composer, conductor. Member of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaidzhan.


Gadzhibekov, Uzeir Abdul Gussein ogly was born on September 17, 1885 in Agdzhabedi, now in Azerbaidzhan.


Studied the violin, cello and wind instruments, sang in the choir, and took part in the orchestra. Pupil of N. Ladukhin and N. Sokolov. Pupil of V. Kalafati.


Early musical training at the Teachers' Seminary in Gori, 1899-1904. Began collecting folk tunes. In Baku, 1905. Composed operas and musical comedies, 1907-1913.

Joined the music classes of A. Il’inskii, Moscow, 1911. Entered Petersburg Conservatory, 1914. After the establishment of Soviet power in Azerbaidzhan on 28 April 1920 became a member of various Soviet organisations.

Founded the first music school (later known as theTechnical School for Music) in the Republic. Founder, performer and director of the Azerbaidzhan Conservatory. Directed many musical organisations, including Azerbaidzhan Radio.

Director of the Institute for the History of Art. Laid the foundations of Azerbaidzhan professional music and opera. Works: Osnovy AzerbaidzhanskoiNarodnoi Muzyki.


Member of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaidzhan.