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Valentin Vasilevich BYCHKO

Ukrainia writer

Valentin BYCHKO, Ukrainia writer. Member, Communist Party, since 1943.


BYCHKO, Valentin was born in 1912 in Kharkov.


1932 graduated Kharkov Institute of Public Education.


Writes mainly stories for children. Since 1932 teacher, then Lit. Head, Kharkov Children’s Theater.

Later worked for newspaper “Komsomolets Ukrainy” (Communist Youth League Member of the Ukraine), for journals “Vesela brigada” and “Pioneriya” and for Children’s Lit. Publ. House “Ditvydava”. After World War II Executive Editor, newspaper “Zirka”.

Chief Editor, Publ. House “Molod” (Youth), and Executive Editor, journal “Pioneriya”. Since 1956 engaged in writing. Translates Russia, Lithuania and other literature works into Ukrainian.


Member, Communist Party, since 1943.


Member, Communist Party, since 1943.