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Valer'ian Aleksandrovich Frolov


Valer'ian Frolov, USSR Colonel-general.


Frolov, Valer'ian was born in 1895.


Graduated from the Frunze Military Academy, 1932.


Took part in World War I. Joined the Red Army, 1918. Took part in the Soviet-Finnish war, 1939-1940. During World War II, commander in the North at the Karelian front.

After World War II, continued his career as commander in the North, 1948-1956, in the White Sea and Arkhangelsk military districts.


Religion is bad because it divides people, and is a cause of conflict and war.


The emphasis on peaceful coexistence doesn’t mean that the Soviet Union accepted a static world with clear lines. Socialism is inevitable and the "correlations of forces" were moving towards socialism.