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Vasiliy Danilovich SOKOLOVSKY

Marshal of the Soviet Union since 1947

Vasiliy SOKOLOVSKY, USSR Marshal of the Soviet Union since 1947. Former USSR First Deputy Minister of Defense, 1949-1960, and Chief of General Staff, Soviet Army and Air Force, 1955-1960; retired since 1960; candidate member of the Central Committee, Communist Party of the Soviet Union, since 1961. Hero of Soviet Union; seven Order of Lenin; many other orders; medals; highest medals of satellite countries and government allied in 1941-1945 war.


SOKOLOVSKY, Vasiliy was born in 1897 in village Kozlik, Belostok Uezd, Grodno Gubemiya, now Polish territory.


1921 graduated Red Army General Staff Academy.


1922 active in liquidation of members of national (“Basmachi”) movement in Central Asia (Turkestan, Bukhara, Khorezm). During World War II with rank of Lieutenant-General, Colonel-General and then Army General, directed planning and implementation of Smolensk operation. Helped prepare and carry out Lvov, VistulaOder, Berlin and many other World War II operations.

1948-1949 directed blockade of West Berlin. Deputy, USSR Supreme Soviet of all convocation. Member, Editorial Board, “Istoriya velikoy otechestvennoy voiny sovetskogo soyuza 1941-1945” (History of the Great Patriotic War of the Soviet Union, 1941-1945).


Member, Communist Party, since 1931.


Member, Communist Party, since 1931.