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Viacheslav Zaitsev

fashion designer

Viacheslav Zaitsev, USSR Fashion designer.


Zaitsev, Viacheslav was born in 1937 in Ivanovo.


Educated at the Moscow Textile Institute, 1956.


Chief designer to the All-Union Fashion House, 1965. Exclusive fashion designer of the rich and powerful in the Soviet Union. His clients include the wives of Kremlin officials, artistic personalities, members of the Diplomatic Corps, and other VIPs.

Very talented and in touch with Western fashion. Raisa Gorbachev’s personal designer and fashion adviser as well as a good friend. Regularly shows his collection of haute couture at the Ministry of Light Industry, where he is officially employed.

Has been criticized by conservative elements in the Soviet government who believe that his clothes are fit for theatre or a show, but not for life. Calls his art the ‘renaissance of Russian fashion’. Has also designed shoes, jewellery, kitchen utensils, and furniture.

Paints in the cubist style. Teaches design at Soviet professional schools. Licensed his designs for sale in the USA. The first Soviet fashion designer to take part in international fashion shows.