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Victoria N. Alexander is an American literary fiction novelist who writes about censored and controversial subjects with audacity, humor, and compassion.


Mrs. Alexander was born in Dallas, Texas, United States, on May 28, 1965.


Victoria N. Alexander graduated from Hunter College with Bachelor of Arts degree (magna cum laude) in 1991, Master of Arts in 1994. Since 1994 she was a student in English Literature, City University of New York, from which she received her Doctor of Philosophy degree.


Mrs. Alexander served as an adjunct instructor and tutor of Hunter College, New York City, 1988-1994. She held the post of a director of Dactyl Foundation for the Arts and Humanities, New York City, since 1996. She was known to be a writer. Between 1991 and 1993 Victoria N. Alexander worked as a stripper and nightclub hostess in New York City.


  • Victoria N. Alexander was a talented American writer and was renowned for her books.



  • Authors Guild , United States


  • Writers

    Martin Amis, Vladimir Nabokov, Virginia Woolf, and Louis Begley


Victoria N. Alexander married Neil Grayson (an artist) in January, 1994.

Neil Grayson - American - artist
Neil Grayson  - Husband of Victoria N. Alexander