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Vilfrid Karlovich Strik-Strikfeldt


Vilfrid Strik-Strikfeldt, USSR Captain.


Strik-Strikfeldt, Vilfrid was born on July 23, 1897 in Helgoland.


Educated in Petersburg.


Of German Baltic descent. Volunteered to join the Russian Army, 1915. Took part in World War I. During the Civil War, fought against the Red Army in the Baltic and near Petrograd.

Before World War II, lived in Riga, where he worked for the Red Cross and aid organizations, helping Russian refugees. During World War II, in the German Army, specialist on Russian affairs. Close to the German military conspirators against Hitler (Stauffenberg and others).

As the link man between the German Army and Vlasov, actively involved in creating the ROA. Wrote memoirs of his wartime experience, Protiv Stalina I Gillera (Against Stalin and Hitler), Germany, 1981.