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consultant , science educator

Vinod Chintamani Malshe, Indian science educator, consultant. Recipient Institute Gold medal, HBTI, 1969, Environment award, Thai Paint Association, 2004; scholar Master of Science Technology scholar, University Grants Commission, 1970-1972, Doctor of Philosophy Tech scholar, 1973-1975; Primary School scholar, Board Primary Education, 1955-1958.


Malshe, Vinod Chintamani was born on February 28, 1947 in Rahu Near Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India. Son of Chintamani Annaji and Sudha Chintamani Malshe.


Bachelor of Science in Paints Technology, HBTI, Kanpur, India, 1969. Master of Science in Technology, UDCT Matunga, Mumbai, India, 1972. Doctor of Philosophy in Technology, UDCT Matunga, Mumbai, India, 1975.


Junior chemist Asian Paints, Mumbai, 1969—1970. Manager Research and Development Echjay Industries, 1975—1976. Senior research area coordinator ACC Ltd., Thane, 1976—1985.

General manager Research and Development Ion Exchange India, Ambernath, 1985—1993. Professor paints technical UICT Matunga, Mumbai, since 1993.


  • Achievements include development of powder coating resins from Positron Emission Tomography Waste. Development of polymeric stabilizers for polymers. Development of flow additives for Polyvinyl chloride.

    Development of recovery of cobalt and nickel from incinerator waste from Parent-Teachers Association residue. Development of isolation of pure components from Parent-Teachers Association residue. Development of recovery of pigment grade TiO2 from polypropylene catalyst residue.

    Development of production of cresols and xylenols from alkylation of phenol with methanol. Development of preparation of non bromine flame retardents for polymers and fibers. Development of catalytic process for production of nitriles from carboxylic acids.

    Development of emulsion polymers for high gloss coatings. Development of propane 1-3 diol and butane 1- 3diol by MPV reduction. Discovery of a process to manufacture cement and elecricity simultaneously.

    Development of cement based exterior coatings for long performance. Development of desiccated coatings for corrosion protection. Development of a simple method for detection of onset of corrosion on mild steel.

    Development of speeding up the esterification reaction. Development of improvement in ion exchange resin based catalytic process. Development of iodinated ion exchange resins for water disinfection.

    Development of nanosilver particles for disinfection. Development of catalyst for iron removal from water. Development of polymeric pigments resulting in low cost and easy method to disperse products.

    Development of simple technique to introduce fluorine in polymers. Development of technique to improve flux of RO and UF membranes. Development of polymeric supports for enzymatic reactions.


Member of Membrane Society (life), Catalysis Society (life), Indian Institute Chemical Engineers (life. Vice chairman 2002-2003), Color Society (life. Secretary 1995-1997).


Married Mrinal Vinod Khandekar, December 19, 1974. Children: Ashwin Vinod, Aniket Vinod.

Chintamani Annaji

Sudha Chintamani Malshe

Mrinal Vinod Khandekar

Ashwin Vinod Malshe

Aniket Vinod Malshe