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member of parliament

Viorgos PAPANDREOU, Greek Member of Parliament. award, Botsis Foundation for the Promotion of Journalism, 1988.


PAPANDREOU, Viorgos was born on June 16, 1952 in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. Parents: Andreas Papandreou and Margarita Papandreou.


Amherst College, Massachusetts. USA, Bachelor of Arts, Sociology, 1970-1975. Stockholm University, Sweden, undergraduate studies, 1972-1973.

London School of Economics, Master of Science., Sociology and Development, 1977. Spoken languages: Greek, English, Swedish.


Member of Parliament for Achaia. Panellinion Socialistikon Kinema (Panhellenic Socialist Movement), 1981 Member of the Executive Office of Panellinion Socialistikon Kinema (Panhellenic Socialist Movement). 1987-1988; Member, Central Committee, Panellinion Socialistikon Kinema (Panhellenic Socialist Movement), since 1984.

Alternate Minister of Culture, 1985. Government Coordinator for the Athens Olympics of 1996, 1988-1989. Undersec. for Cultural Affairs, 1985-1987.

Minister of Education and Religious Affairs, 1988-1989. Elected Secretary for Greek Diaspora, since 1990. Chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee on Education.

Vice Chairperson, Multi-Partisan Parliamentary Committee for Free Radio. Head, Parliamentary Committee for Culture and Education. Sociologist; Founder, member of research team, Foundation of Mediterranean Studies.

Board Member, Foundation for Research and Self-Education.


Greek Orthodox.


Spouse Ada Papandreou (née Ada Papapanou), 1989. Children: one son, one d.