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Vitalii Vasil'evich Fedorchuk

general , official , politician

Vitalii Fedorchuk, USSR General, Committee for State Security official,politician.


Fedorchuk, Vitalii was born in 1918.


Graduated from the Committee for State Security Higher School.


Ukrainian. Worked for various local newspapers in Zhitomir and Kiev Oblast’, 1934-1936. Student at military school, 1936-1939. Worked in the state security service, 1939-1970.

Head of the 3rd Directorate, which supervises the armed forces. Has acquired a reputation for toughness. Head of the Ukrainian Committee for State Security, 1970-1982.

Responsible for the crackdown on Ukrainian nationalist dissidents. Candidate member of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the Ukrainian CP. 1973-1976. Full member, 1976-1982.

Chairman of the USSR Committee for State Security (Committee for State Security), May-December 1982. Replaced by Viktor Chebrikov. USSR Minister of the Interior, December 1982-1986.