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Vladimir Nikolaevich DUBOVKA

literature critic , member , poet

Vladimir DUBOVKA, Belarusian poet and literature critic; member, Belarusian Union of Writers.


DUBOVKA, Vladimir was born in 1900 in village Ogorodniki, Molodechno Oblast.


1918 graduated Teachers’ Seminary, NovoVileyka. 1924 graduated Bryusov Institute of Literature and Art, Moscow.


1922 first work published. Has translated works of Pushkin, Byron, etc. into Belarusian. 1926 founder and ideological leader, “Uzvyshsha” (Exaltation) literature and art association.

Chief Editor, journal “Uzvyshsha”. 1930 arrested and deported after dissolution of above association. 1958 rehabilitated;returned to Minsk and resumed literature career.

Since 1918 in Red Army, then in Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic Popular Commissariat of Education. 1924 instructor, Communist University for Peoples of the West. For some time Belarusian plenipotentiary representative at USSR Soviet of Popular Commissar.