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Vladimir Nikolaevich Osipov

editor , journalist , Human rights campaigner

Vladimir Osipov, USSR Editor, journalist,human rights campaigner.


Osipov, Vladimir was born in 1939 in Moscow.


Studied at Moscow University, expelled 1959.


Became involved in the human rights movement. Edited the samizdat magazine Bumerang, 1960. Co-edited the samizdat magazine Feniks, 1961. Arrested, 1961, sentenced to 7 years in the Gulag camps.

After his release, started the Russian nationalist samizdat magazines Veche and Zemlia. Re-arrested, 1974. Sentenced to 8 years in the camps. The best-known voice of the Russian opposition to communism among Soviet dissidents during the Brezhnev-Andropov years.


Religion makes people base their lives on false foundations.


The role of the individual as a member of a collective is more important than the individual.