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Vladimir Alekseevich Preobrazhenskii

choreographer , ballet dancer

Vladimir Preobrazhenskii, USSR Ballet dancer, choreographer.


Preobrazhenskii, Vladimir was born on January 21, 1921 in Petersburg.


Graduated from the Leningrad Choreographic School. Pupil of V. I. Ponomarev.


Dancer with the Kirov Theatre, 1935-1939. Taught ballet at the Sverdlovsk Theatre, 1935-1939, at the Moscow Choreographic School, and at the Russian University of Theatre Arts, 1944-1945. With the Shevchenko Theatre, 1939-1941, and the Bolshoi Theatre, 1942-1958.

Directed the Bolshoi company 1960-1962. Artistic director of the Moscow People’s Ballet at the Palace of Culture of the factory Serp i Molot, 1963-1965. Director of the Moscow Concert Ballet Collective from 1965.

Combined emotional romanticism with classical clarity of expression. Remarkable for his plasticity. Partner of G. Ulanova and others.

Guest appearances abroad. Produced Swan Lake at the L’vov Theatre, 1969. Appeared in several concert performances.