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Vladimir Fedorovich Promyslov


Vladimir Promyslov, USSR Politician.


Promyslov, Vladimir was born on July 15, 1908.


Graduated from Moscow Institute of Construction Engineers, 1956.


Fitter at Moscow Construction Trust. Joined the Communist Party in 1928. Trade union posts, 1930-1933.

Promoted director of a construction project, then deputy head with the Main Board for Planning the Construction of Hydroelectric Plants, 1933-1938. Worked for Moscow City Party Committee, 1938-1939. High positions with the USSR People’s Commissariat for Heavy Machine Construction, worked for the USSR Ministry of the Tank Industry and Main Munitions Industry Construction Board, 1939-1946.

Deputy chairman of Moscow City Executive Committee, 194951 and 1953-1954. Head of the Main Board for Housing Construction and Civil Engineering with Moscow City Soviet. 1st Deputy Chairman of Moscow City Soviet, 1955-1959.

Chairman of Moscow City Soviet from 1959. Chairman of the State Construction Committee of the RSFSR Council of Ministers, 1959-1963. Member of the Central Auditing Committee, 1961-1966.

Deputy, then member of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the USSR Supreme Soviet from 1962. Fired by Gorbachev for failing to submit annual accounts for the 30 years he was in charge of the city of Moscow administration (MOSSOVET).