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Vladimir Nikolaevich SOSYURA

Ukrainia poet and translator

Vladimir SOSYURA, Ukrainia poet and translator. Board, USSR Union of Writers, since 1959; Chm, Ukrainia Union of Writers. two Order of Lenin; 0. of Red Banner; Badge of Honor; medals; Stalin Prize, 1948. Member, Communist Party, since 1920.


SOSYURA, Vladimir was born in 1898 in Debaltsevo, Ukrainia.


Trade school, agricultural school, Communist University and simultaneously Workers’ Faculty, Institute of Public Education.


1917 first work published. During Civil War literature contributor, 41st Infantry Division newspaper “Krasnaya Zvezda”. 1933-1938, after publications of poems on the Ukrainia, fell into disgrace.

In the postwar years engaged in literature translation work. Telephone operator in mine offices. Unskilled worker in soda plant.

1918-1919 private, then cadet in Ukrainia National Army. 1920-1922 switched support to Reds and became private, then political leader, Red Army field-engineer company. 1933-1938 technican editorial work.

1941-1945 correspondent for front-line and Ukrainia republ. newspapers.


Member, Communist Party, since 1920.


Member, Communist Party, since 1920.